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2019 Completed my first draft of a graphic novel about fundamental deconstruction
2017 Spent some time engaged in comparative religion, only to be disappointed.
2016 Several of the apologetics sequential short stories were pubished in literary magazines
9/18/15 "...I hear you. I've always been skeptical by nature. But it has been my desire to want to believe and to take ownership of my faith.  To secure my afterlife and stay within the faith community that has kept me looking for a flicker of hope. For the past 2 months my 49 year leap of faith has turned into a dark fog as I spiral from mysticism into a strange hopeful skepticism.  I wouldn't call it atheism, but it is probably deism over theism. If God gives faith to His elect, He was too miserly with my dose or I am not one of His chosen. I have no intention of making this public, because I'm still look for an epiphany of Christianity’s claims." -journal
2015 Father passed away.
2015 Studied Universal Salvation
2014 A ancient near-eastern scholar, from Esienbrans did a Bible Study for several months in our home. Christy and I invited friends.
2014 " Dear Assistant Pastor - There was much to learn from your sermon this morning. I appreciated you highlighting a woman’s activities in scripture. The passage of Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18:18) may be the best example of what teamwork in marriage looks like, and it’s a great example of discipleship. I am so thankful to have you both as spiritual brothers. " -email to assistant pastor
2013 Fully engaged in writing and drawing Sermon pages
2013 "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. 1/20/13. I was set apart before I was born (Gal 1:4) to allow Christ to do a good work in me. I am sorry for putting my career before my family. I’m sorry for putting myself before my wife.  For missing out on the joy of fully serving God. Sometimes I work harder to fill in the empty place in my heart only to make the space bigger. Persecution is coming and I want to embrace it. 60% of the church is persecuted…and our turn is coming. The persecutor becomes the persecuted. Priorities. Always prepare our hearts for the next good work.  Interaction with people is sacred, gentle" -from journal

2013 Christy, I agree. Each decision should be laid at God’s feet. It’s not about me. It’s HIStory. I think I locked on the idea that I was being asked to step out of my comfort zone of working with the church youth group and high school students. My hesitation came from being pushed from my comfort zone. My nature says no.  I know if I’m going to pass on this I need to do it quickly because most people are busy and would want time to prepare.
 I took a walk in the little woods by the school during my prep and prayed. What surfaced in my mind was, why am I so reticent to pray. It lines up with my lack of dedication to scripture reading. I know the answer. I admire the mystical side of Christianity but I busy myself right out of allowing God to talk to me….through prayer and scripture reading. Sometimes I would rather read books about faith then exercise some. I’m going to head to the woods tonight for a run and some more prayer time. I know you are speaking God into my life. Love you. Don

2013-15 I started a discussion group called "Theology Think Tank. We meet monthly for two years, and quarterly for the last year. Guest authors and speakers discussed their specialty area of Christian faith.
2013 Reading John Piper,
2012. "Here am I Lord, Send me, take me, use me, I am not own" - from my journal

2010 Christopher Hitchens vs. Dinesh D'Souza at Notre Dame University

2009 Awarded a grant to work on Sermon pages.
2009 Became member of a nondenominal reformed church.
"I am a skeptic by nature. Worship for me is primarily the process of hearing and reading that faith is a reasonable enterprise. Thus, the true “worship service”, for me, starts when a theologian steps behind the lectern. "
2008 Started a Christian apologetic website.
2006 Gave talk on Adinirum Judson to Bible Study Group
2005 Attended "The Great Resurrecton Debate between John Shelby Spong and William Lae Craig at Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana
2011 From my daytimer.
FRIENDSHIP: Love others over self, without jealously/competition. Exercise sacred and gentle humility.
DISCIPLESHIP: Everyday is a day of sacrificial living (crucified with Christ) for pure hedonism during this life.
PERSECUTION & MISTREATMENT: Embrace these tests from above and imagine the perpetrator as Christ.
POWER: Live a life of magical realism-give our human nature over to a divine nature. Doctrine of the Kingdom
MONEY & POSSESSIONS: We are caretakers of his resources. How do we differ from the unbeliever?
PRAYER: Continuously and for all situations. Prayer journal to share.
SANTUARY: Visit a weekly and daily devotional area.
SIN: We are a temple and the bride of Christ.
STUDY:  Unlock the OT “great mysteries” of Christ revealed more clearly in the NT
LONG TERM GOAL: Mystical union with Jesus (Wedding Feast: Rev.19: 6-9)

2005 Guest speaker at a church in Chicago

2004 Guest speaker at Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, Notre Dame, Indiana

2004 Guest speaker at Midwest Schoars Conference at Indiana Wesleyn Univeristy

2002 Started teaching adjunct at Grace College and Seminary

2001 Indiana Art Commission grant award to explore my Mennonite roots by the Indiana Arts Commission.

2000 Graduate work at Vermont College of Norwich University in Mountpelier, VT was all connect to my faith.

1998-99 Working on paintings explore spiritual convictions.

1993-94 Taught art at Whites High School (Society of Friends) and Sacred Heart (catholic) school. Guest artist at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines.

1990-94 Attend Grace College and Seminary.

1990 Attended Rosedale Bible College in Irwin, Ohio

1990 Corresponded with Jack Chick about doing comic book tracks, but was more intereted in doing album cover art.

1988-90 Was very involved in doing cove art and t-shirts for Christian rock bands and publications related to the topic.

1988-89. Elected by my church as youth pastor. The denomination was Weslyan holiness tradition. Believed I experienced the second work of faith.

1986 Featured cover story for Christian Cartooist and Illustrator. "Don Swartzentruber: The Start of a Career". Issue no. 10, Ontario, Canada while in art school.

1985 Graduated from Greenwood Mennonite School. Primary and secondary Christian education.
1985-87 Illustrated Bibe stories for Sunday school material for Christian Light Publications, Harrisoburg, PA
1978 Baptised at Greenwood Mennonite Church
My conversion at our small Mennonite Church in Delaware at age 9 was sincere.
1966. Born in Sussex County, Delaware.