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Sequential Story Telling Links

Association: The National Association of Comic Art Educators
Blogs:   A Comic A Day
Blogs:   Alex in Wonder Land  
Blogs:   AniManga Corner: Anime / Manga Series
Blogs:   Bags and Boards   comic book industry by  Tom McLean.
Blogs:   BAT - BLOG Batman toys and collectibles.
Blogs:   BeaucoupKevin(dot)com   pop-culture ephemera, centered on comic.
Blogs:   Big Bad Hulk   
Blogs:   Blog@Newsarama   comic book industry
Blogs:   Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog   Aquaman.
Blogs:   brill building Ian Brill
Blogs:   BugPowder for the UK small press comics community.
Blogs:   Bully Says: Chipped Ham Productions Evan Cantrell.
Blogs:   Chris's Invincible Super-Blog freelance humorist who works at a comic book store.
Blogs:   Comic Book Innovation
Blogs:   Comic Book Thoughts.
Blogs:   Comic Fodder  Comic Book News and Commentary.
Blogs:   Comics Worth Reading Graphic novel and comic book news  
Blogs: Christopher Butcher: manager of world-famous comic book store. co-founder of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.
Blogs:   Dave Sim's blogandmail Sim and Gerhard, published the longest running independent comic book (Cerebus) series in history
Blogs:   Eye On Comics Don MacPherson.
Blogs:   Heaping Plateful - Comics
Blogs: Matt McClure
Blogs:   Phantom - Ghost Who Walks, Cannot Die A celebration of the comic books published in Australia.
Blogs:   The Savage Critic(s) Brian Hibbs, owner of San Francisco's Comix experience.
Blogs: - This blog aims to aid you in the process of searching for new or old comics  
Collecting  The Collector's Society Extremely active boards. Lots of information here.
Collecting: Comic Book Collection Tracker A free on-line inventory system. Worth a look.
Convention: Ai-Kon Winnipeg Manitoba's anime convention.
Convention: Anime USA Japanese arts and popular culture.
Convention: Big Apple Con Comic, Art and Toy, Sci-Fi show in New York City.
Convention: Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Alberta's comic, toy, animation, game expo.
Convention: Canadian National Comic Book Expo Toronto
Convention: Comic Book Conventions Convention News & Con Reports.
Convention: Comic-Con International: San Diego largest comic convention
Convention: A one-of-a-kind virtual comics convention, only available on the Internet.
Convention: International Comic Show UK
Convention: Mid-Ohio-Con Ohio  
Convention: Stumptown Comic Fest   Portland, Oregon.
Convention: Supernova Pop Culture Expo (Australia).
Convention: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival
Convention: Toronto Comicon Toronto Comicon. comic books and sequential art.
Convention: Wizard World Conventions Wizard World Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Texas.
Database: Big Cartoon Database
Database: Grand Comic-Book Database HUGE! Over 6000 titles and 57,000 books indexed -- Best I've seen.
Digital: Alien Loves Predator Alien and Predator try to find their way as roommates in the big city.
Digital: Archie Comics Online An American comic book publisher
Digital: Blobsie and Flipsie Blobsie and Flipsie are adorably cute pigs who love each other.
Digital: Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes has been a worldwide favorite since its introduction in 1985.
Digital: all your favorite comic strips, editorial cartoons and fun extras like e-cards, wallpapers, link icons and cursors.
Digital: Dilbert Website Features Scott Adams daily Dilbert strips, Dilbert merchandise, and Dogbert's New Ruling Class.
Digital: Garfield
Digital: Heathcliff has all your favorite comic strips, editorial cartoons and fun extras
Digital: Keenspot 50 of the very best exclusive comic strips and cartoons on the web
Digital: My Sister the DemonThis is the story of Arabella, Delia and Cecil three sisters who are also witches.
Digital: No Coast Studios Home of "The Mondays", and Just a Guy. Online comics, as well as published books.
Digital: Online Comics comics search engine and directory.
Digital: Penny Arcade written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik.
Digital: Sluggy Freelance One of the oldest and best of the ongoing Internet comic strips
Digital: UggaBugga The Awesome superhero team Awesome Storm Justice 41 battles dastardly villain and philanthropist Dennis –Misc.
Directory: Comicbooks Central The Original Illustrated on-line Comicbooks
Distribution: Diamond Comic Distributors World's largest distributor of English-language comic books.
Education: Creating Comics Excellent site for info on writing, illustrating and/or publishing comics.
Forum  World Famous Community Discussions with some of the industry's best know comic book creators. 
Gallery: Children of the Atom Image galleries on X-characters, bios, issue summaries & more
History: Holey Moley's Comic Book Cover Quest Holey Moley indeed. Excellent, large scans from the Golden Age era:
Information: Frequently Asked Comics-Pro Questions FAQ for the 'comics-pro mailing list' answers many beginner questions
Introduction: Comic Books @  . Good overall intro to comics with various subjects/topics.
Lettering: Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering- Free and original comic book lettering fonts
Library: Cartoon Research Library Ohio State University -Festival of Cartoon Art
Links: Comic Book Resources One of my favorites. A must see.
Links: Digital Webbing Info on various comic webpages plus interviews and comic news. 
Magazines Wizard World Daily news and pictures for the comic book fan.
Misc.: Periodic Table of Comic Books Univ of KY created this unique "scientific" database. Cool!
News  Tales from the Database Ton of intriguing articles by Chuck Rozanski.
News:  4 Freedoms Plaza World's Greatest Comic has a site worthy of it's name.  
News: Big Comic Book Database Search or browse the database (80,000+ entries) by title, artist, or character.
News: Cinescape Daily updates on comics, cinema and more.
News: Comic Book Newsgroups Join the discussion. Plenty of newsgroups to choose from.
News: Comic Fan Fiction Authors Network CFAN is a net of webpages carrying the best of comics-related fan-fiction.
News: Comics Continuum Formerly from the Detroit News Comics Continuum
News: Comics Journal Message Board From the folks that bring you the comic zine of the same name.
News: Comics2Film Board Slanted towards comics and film/movies.
News: Daredevil:The Man W/O Fear K. Mithra maintains this incredible site on DD. One of the best.
News: Krause Publications Publishers of the 'Comics Buyer's Guide' -- excellent magazine.
News: Marvel Universe Official home page for the true-believer. NUFF SAID! 
Podcasts:   Around Comics A roundtable discussion hosted by Chris Neseman and Brian "Sal" Salazar.
Podcasts:   Birds of Geek Podcast A female comics podcast
Podcasts:   Comic Book Noise Host Derek Coward
Podcasts:   Comic Geek Speak comic book history, current comic news, and a general look at the industry.
Podcasts:   Comic News Insider comic book, animation, sci-fi & pop culture.
Podcasts:   Comic Timing Podcast DC to Marvel to Vertigo to Wildstorm to Image. hosted by Ian Levenstein.
Podcasts:   Comicology Comic Book Podcast
Podcasts:   Fanboy Radio about the comic book industry, its art, creators, and fans.
Podcasts:   I Read Comics
Podcasts:   iFanboy Comics Since 2000
Podcasts:   Indie Spinner Rack The Independent Comics Podcast
Podcasts:   Just Another Fanboy comics, movies, DVDs, TV.
Podcasts:   KomicsKast comics, small press comics, comic strips.  
Podcasts:   Raging Bullets A DC Comics Fan Podcast.
Podcasts:   The Bullpen Bulletins Podcast Marvel.
Podcasts:   The Collected Comics Library News from DC & Marvel
Podcasts:   The Pop Cult Online A comic book podcast and blogspot. pop culture from the sixties, seventies and eighties.
Podcasts:   Variant Edition weekly video podcast for comic book news, reviews.
Podcasts:   Wordballoon
Publisher Resources: Submissions Resource - Caleb Monroe's web with links to dozens of submissions pages for publishers  
Publisher: Dark Horizons The latest news, rumours, gossip, reviews, trailers, etc.
Publisher: Dark Horse Concrete, Sin City, Next Men are just a few of their titles.
Publisher: DC Comics Online Home site for the "Distinguished Competition."
Publisher: Disney Comics Information about creators, characters and titles, and upcoming events.
Publisher: Image Comics Producers of some of the hottest comics of the 90's.
Publishers:   A Wave Blue World Comics Company Info, News, Titles and Web Store.
Publishers:   AC Comics Femforce and Golden Age reprints.
Publishers:   Acetylene Comics
Publishers:   Action Planet Comics Mike Manley's Monsterman, weekly on-line comic G.I.R.L. Patrol.
Publishers:   Active Images
Publishers:   American Mule Entertainment Adam And Bryon, The Furtive 4, Necrotic, Public Enemy
Publishers:   Antarctic Press San Antonio, specializing in manga and anime comics.  
Publishers:   Aspen Comics
Publishers:   Avatar Press Garth Ennis' 303 Trade Paperback, Plague of the Living Dead Special #1, Night of the Living Dead
Publishers:   Chaos! Comics Evil Ernie, Purgatori, and Chastity.
Publishers:   Cold FuZion Studios
Publishers:   Dark Horse Comics.
Publishers:   DC Comics
Publishers:   Devil's Due Publishing
Publishers:   Heroic Publishing Flare, the League of Champions
Publishers:   Image Comics
Publishers: - News and information
Publishers:   Top Cow
Reviews: Art Dojo portal of anime, comic, cartoon, and corporate illustration artists. Reviews, interviews, articles
Search  Wahoo! It's like Yahoo! except its strictly comics. 2000+ links!
Self Publish:  iUniverse - Self-publishing your book
Self Publish: Ka-Blam Digital Printing - Printing for comic books in traditional and manga size  
Self Publish: LuLu - POD - Print On Demand. Self-publishing comic books and more  
Self Publish: Xlibris - POD. Through leading-edge print-on-demand technology 
Self Publishing: Book Surge
Self-publishing resource.
Self Publishing: Books Just Books- Book printing and self-publishing for less
Store: eBay Best place on the net to buy, sell, & trade. Safe - Easy - Recommended.
writers:   Brian Calvin Anderson Horror writer / artist, creator of Bloodkin.
writers:   Brian K. Vaughan   Eisner, Harvey, Shuster Award-winning writer and co-creator of comics series
writers:   Dan Brereton
writers:   Ed Brubaker
writers:   Eric Drooker Flood and Blood Song, contributor to World War 3 Illustrated.
writers:   Gerry Alanguilan Filipino comic book artist.
writers:   Grant Morrison
writers:   J I N X W O R L D Brian Michael Bendis.
writers:   J. Torres Series writer of Ninja Scroll
writers:   Neelam Arora
writers:   Scott Allie Comic writer and Dark Horse editor.

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