The Graphic Novel Project:
The Journey


2021 Carnival Sage Channel YouTube
2021 Taught my last class at Christian College.

2019 First draft of the new graphic novel complete

2015 Christy and I had important spiritual talks, at Martin’s, over Coffee. Our oldest son was studying Koine Greek with a seminary professor

2015-c Joined my friend and former Bible professor for weekly coffee and theology discussions

2015 Held Dr. Andrew Knapp Bible Study in my home.

2016 "Sermon" pages were published in literary magazines across the United States.

2013-15 Ran a discussion group called “Theology Think Tank” in my home. Between six and twenty people gathered each week. We brought in guest theologians and authors to discuss their specialty area.

2009 Awarded a grant for work that later was titled "Sermons". It was illustrated sequential material that could be used in small groups or Sunday school lessons.
“Sermons” is sequential art with a script that germinates from the wisdom of ancient sages, theologians and modern philosophers. The text weaves morals into fanciful fables that run one to three pages. The pages are richly designed multiple paneled mixed media illustrations. This new collection will challenge minds on both sides of the faith continuum. 

2005 Guest speaker at a church in Chicago.

2004 Guest speak at the Midwest Scholars Conference, Indiana Wesleyan University, Guest speak at Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture, Notre Dame, Indiana.

2002 I started teaching adjunct at Grace College and Theological Seminary.

2001 Received a grant to artistically explore my Mennonite roots by the Indiana Arts Commission

2000 The graduate work at Vermont College of Norwich University in Montpelier, VT primarily focused on liturgy, faith and Christian practice.

1998-99 Continued to paint artwork that explore my faith and Christian practice.

1993-94 Attending Grace College and Seminary. Taught at Whites Institute, associated with Church of the Friends. Taught after-school class at Sacred Heart Catholic School. Taught a week at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines.

1990 Attended Rosedale Bible College in Irwin, Ohio.

1988-90 Created cover art and t-shirt designs for Christian rock bands.

1990 Corresponded with Jack Chick about doing comic book tracks. Opted to continue focus on Christian album cover art.

10/88-11/89 Taught Youth class at church. The denomination was in Wesleyan holiness tradition.

8/86 Was the cover story for Christian Cartoonist and Illustrator, "Don Swartzentruber: The Start of a Career", Issue no.10. Ontario, Canada.This was while studying under Disney animator Milt Neil while in art school.

1985 Graduated from Greenwood Mennonite School. Primary and Secondary.

3/85-8/87 Illustrated Bible stories for Sunday school material for Christian Light Publication, Harrisonburg, PA.

1978 Baptized, Greenwood Mennonite Church

1966 Born, Seaford, Sussex County, Delaware